Avondale Pathfinder Society

My 4th mission

My forth mission with the pathfinder society and now I am a field agent of the Sczarni. My brother and I were relaxing and drinking as we normally do and “the sneaky f***” as I like to refer to her approached my brother and I about a map she had and if we would like to go with her to explore. I know I am a somewhat abrasive person but this woman needs some manners. My brother and I were very reluctant because we both felt likes she was deceiving us and she didn’t even have the map with her for us to look at. She did how ever tell us that it dealt with some very famous dwarven explorers and that was enough for us to agree. She also gave us some cash for supplies and agreed to provide us with transportation. My brother and I paid a visit to the Sczarni but since we were unsure of the specific location they were unable to provide us with a mission. We meet with “the sneaky f***” again before leaving and managed to get a look. We are able to slip back to the Sczarni briefly before we leave. They tell us that we are looking for a tiara.

We are preparing to leave and we meet up with my little fox friend and her kitty. I like her. she is so cute and sweet. I hope she feels the same way about me. I try to talk with her some and flirt a little. I hope she notices.

Anyway after stopping a few times we finally got to the dungeon. Was pretty uneventful for a while. We killed a few different nasty things that love the dark. Then we ran across some nasty deep gnomes. They tried several times to blind me but out of shear will power I shrugged it off. Sometimes I wish my short little legs would move faster so I could get into the fight faster. Used my crossbow until I got close enough to split the first one wide open with my axe. He didn’t stand a chance as his guts spilled on the floor. I laughed and cursed him as his life drained from him. I made damn sure he did not have a chance to use his blind spell on anyone! After that I continued to help the others clear the room. No one stood a chance once I got in range! All 4 died at our hands. If I recall right this path dead ended shortly after. We found a crap load of copper coins in here but it wasn’t even worth it.

We went back to the entrance of the of the dungeon. There were several bodies nailed to the wall and desiccated. Now one was missing. I covered the bodies in oil right then and there. Everyone argued with me to take them outside but I told them hell no. We would burn them right were they are! And then we could go outside and enjoy the night air and eat until the smoke clears. With that I set them on fire! The door closed on us but my brother and I figured out how to open it. My favorite little fox and her kitty joined my brother and I outside. We noticed that the sneaky f*** was no where to be found. After the smoke cleared we went looking for her. My brother and I used our knowledge of stone and engineering to look for traps while the kitty used her sense of smell to find our missing party member we found her in a pit trap almost dead we set up a block and tackle to lower the sweet little fox down to help her. Then a nasty dark dwelling s*** tried to screw with us. my brother held the line while the kitty jumped across and attacked that disgusting thing. I fired my crossbow a few times but I knew I needed to jump across and really get in the fight. I barely made it. My little fox friend summoned several creatures to distract it but the nasty f*** tried to kick me down the pit but me and the kitty made short work of it as my brother sang a hell of a song to boost our spirits. We finally got our friends up. So we decided to go back to town and rest.

Wen we came back we tried to cross the pit but the sweet little fox fell down the hole. We got her back up and I decided it best to cross the pit safely. We strung the rope across and I safely crossed on the rope instead of risk jumping. We found the tiara and another map under a carnivorous plant we defeated. While we were doing that the kitty went into the other room and got in to a fight but she made short work of it too. She basicly had it killed before we made it back in the room. we went forward until we found a locked chest trapped with magic. There we ran into an ascetic jello cube. I had not ran into one before but I thought it would be something to stay a distance away from my brother was not so smart. He was engulfed by it. I was afraid he was going to die. The fox kept trying to use water against it but it didn’t seem to work. I threw my hammer at it and was firing crossbow bolts at it but I couldn’t tell it was doing much. I wanted to use my axe on it but I was afraid I would hurt my brother. I started yelling to my fox friend use fire! Use F*** fire! She did. The sneaky f*** used her sword on it and it finally burst. Her and my brother were covered in acid. My brother looked dead. I pulled him out. the fox created water to rinse him off. I cut him out of the armor and the fox washed him again. I used a cure light wound potion on him and he started breathing again. I grabbed the chest on our way out not thinking about the magic trap and got hammered with cold magic. It took its toll on me. Anyone else in the party would have died but I am tough. It took most of the coin from the adventure to get myself fixed up again but what doesn’t kill you makes you bitter! We took the tiara to our faction. Nothing like almost dying to get the blood pumping. My favorite fox went drinking with me. It was a nice end to the day!



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