Avondale Pathfinder Society

Journal Entry Two

Katchini Iko

On my first mission as a full fledged memberof the Pathfinder society, I was sent on a mission with Maya, Aegina, Ogden, and Amilia. The mission was given by Maya (or her faction technically), who had acquired a map to a dungeon in Osirion territory. Upon entering the dungeon we found a note addressed to whomever entered next. It read as this, “The Ruby Knights looted this place.” Malias remembered something being said about them in a book he’d read long ago. They were a band of humans and humanoid creatures that went dungeon diving. Fast forward a few hours and we run into spiders.After disposing of them, I noticed Maya collected the venom of them, with our help. I harvested it, but she seemed to want it to all herself. I noticed that most of our battles as well that Aegina and Malias did not fight much, squishies as they are. One of the last battles we had, we ran into a peculiar swarm of rats. Upon opening the door to a room, I was hit by a magic missile. After dispersing the storm we figured they were impowered with eldridge powers.



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