Avondale Pathfinder Society

Journal Entry One

Katchini Iko

First Mission
My group was composed of Malias, an old friend of mine, who is a witch, Valka who is a barbarian, and Aegina, an oracle. We were assigned to retrieve a book from a group of goblins who had raided a traveling party of merchants. We left immediately and found their cave rather quickly. While debating on how to approach the cave, two goblins riding goblin dogs appeared on the path leading towards the cave. Using the element of surprise, they were quickly dispatched and looted. Then we moved into the cave from an angle in which the goblins wouldn’t be able to see us if they peeked around the corner. But Valka tripped and her weapon went flying, causing a trap in which arrows flew through theair. More goblins and goblin dogs, a little less easy to dispstch, Mali was knocked unconscious and the barbarian took considerable damage, but we were victorious in the end. We looted, got the book, and finished the quest.



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