Avondale Pathfinder Society

Journal Entry Two
Katchini Iko

On my first mission as a full fledged memberof the Pathfinder society, I was sent on a mission with Maya, Aegina, Ogden, and Amilia. The mission was given by Maya (or her faction technically), who had acquired a map to a dungeon in Osirion territory. Upon entering the dungeon we found a note addressed to whomever entered next. It read as this, “The Ruby Knights looted this place.” Malias remembered something being said about them in a book he’d read long ago. They were a band of humans and humanoid creatures that went dungeon diving. Fast forward a few hours and we run into spiders.After disposing of them, I noticed Maya collected the venom of them, with our help. I harvested it, but she seemed to want it to all herself. I noticed that most of our battles as well that Aegina and Malias did not fight much, squishies as they are. One of the last battles we had, we ran into a peculiar swarm of rats. Upon opening the door to a room, I was hit by a magic missile. After dispersing the storm we figured they were impowered with eldridge powers.

Journal Entry One
Katchini Iko

First Mission
My group was composed of Malias, an old friend of mine, who is a witch, Valka who is a barbarian, and Aegina, an oracle. We were assigned to retrieve a book from a group of goblins who had raided a traveling party of merchants. We left immediately and found their cave rather quickly. While debating on how to approach the cave, two goblins riding goblin dogs appeared on the path leading towards the cave. Using the element of surprise, they were quickly dispatched and looted. Then we moved into the cave from an angle in which the goblins wouldn’t be able to see us if they peeked around the corner. But Valka tripped and her weapon went flying, causing a trap in which arrows flew through theair. More goblins and goblin dogs, a little less easy to dispstch, Mali was knocked unconscious and the barbarian took considerable damage, but we were victorious in the end. We looted, got the book, and finished the quest.

My 4th mission

My forth mission with the pathfinder society and now I am a field agent of the Sczarni. My brother and I were relaxing and drinking as we normally do and “the sneaky f***” as I like to refer to her approached my brother and I about a map she had and if we would like to go with her to explore. I know I am a somewhat abrasive person but this woman needs some manners. My brother and I were very reluctant because we both felt likes she was deceiving us and she didn’t even have the map with her for us to look at. She did how ever tell us that it dealt with some very famous dwarven explorers and that was enough for us to agree. She also gave us some cash for supplies and agreed to provide us with transportation. My brother and I paid a visit to the Sczarni but since we were unsure of the specific location they were unable to provide us with a mission. We meet with “the sneaky f***” again before leaving and managed to get a look. We are able to slip back to the Sczarni briefly before we leave. They tell us that we are looking for a tiara.

We are preparing to leave and we meet up with my little fox friend and her kitty. I like her. she is so cute and sweet. I hope she feels the same way about me. I try to talk with her some and flirt a little. I hope she notices.

Anyway after stopping a few times we finally got to the dungeon. Was pretty uneventful for a while. We killed a few different nasty things that love the dark. Then we ran across some nasty deep gnomes. They tried several times to blind me but out of shear will power I shrugged it off. Sometimes I wish my short little legs would move faster so I could get into the fight faster. Used my crossbow until I got close enough to split the first one wide open with my axe. He didn’t stand a chance as his guts spilled on the floor. I laughed and cursed him as his life drained from him. I made damn sure he did not have a chance to use his blind spell on anyone! After that I continued to help the others clear the room. No one stood a chance once I got in range! All 4 died at our hands. If I recall right this path dead ended shortly after. We found a crap load of copper coins in here but it wasn’t even worth it.

We went back to the entrance of the of the dungeon. There were several bodies nailed to the wall and desiccated. Now one was missing. I covered the bodies in oil right then and there. Everyone argued with me to take them outside but I told them hell no. We would burn them right were they are! And then we could go outside and enjoy the night air and eat until the smoke clears. With that I set them on fire! The door closed on us but my brother and I figured out how to open it. My favorite little fox and her kitty joined my brother and I outside. We noticed that the sneaky f*** was no where to be found. After the smoke cleared we went looking for her. My brother and I used our knowledge of stone and engineering to look for traps while the kitty used her sense of smell to find our missing party member we found her in a pit trap almost dead we set up a block and tackle to lower the sweet little fox down to help her. Then a nasty dark dwelling s*** tried to screw with us. my brother held the line while the kitty jumped across and attacked that disgusting thing. I fired my crossbow a few times but I knew I needed to jump across and really get in the fight. I barely made it. My little fox friend summoned several creatures to distract it but the nasty f*** tried to kick me down the pit but me and the kitty made short work of it as my brother sang a hell of a song to boost our spirits. We finally got our friends up. So we decided to go back to town and rest.

Wen we came back we tried to cross the pit but the sweet little fox fell down the hole. We got her back up and I decided it best to cross the pit safely. We strung the rope across and I safely crossed on the rope instead of risk jumping. We found the tiara and another map under a carnivorous plant we defeated. While we were doing that the kitty went into the other room and got in to a fight but she made short work of it too. She basicly had it killed before we made it back in the room. we went forward until we found a locked chest trapped with magic. There we ran into an ascetic jello cube. I had not ran into one before but I thought it would be something to stay a distance away from my brother was not so smart. He was engulfed by it. I was afraid he was going to die. The fox kept trying to use water against it but it didn’t seem to work. I threw my hammer at it and was firing crossbow bolts at it but I couldn’t tell it was doing much. I wanted to use my axe on it but I was afraid I would hurt my brother. I started yelling to my fox friend use fire! Use F*** fire! She did. The sneaky f*** used her sword on it and it finally burst. Her and my brother were covered in acid. My brother looked dead. I pulled him out. the fox created water to rinse him off. I cut him out of the armor and the fox washed him again. I used a cure light wound potion on him and he started breathing again. I grabbed the chest on our way out not thinking about the magic trap and got hammered with cold magic. It took its toll on me. Anyone else in the party would have died but I am tough. It took most of the coin from the adventure to get myself fixed up again but what doesn’t kill you makes you bitter! We took the tiara to our faction. Nothing like almost dying to get the blood pumping. My favorite fox went drinking with me. It was a nice end to the day!

Virajia's Second Mission

I had the pleasure of working with my friend Katchini again for another mission from the Pathfinder Society. A with by the name of Malias, also friends with Katchini, had been put in charge of the assignment, and didn;t seem to be a bad guy. We also teamed up with a strange dark lady named Maya, and a flaming Oracle named Aegina. Our mission was to obtain a map from a tomb in a very arid and desert area.

We travelled out to the area and delved into the tomb. We started off looking through the bars of a portcullis, which I tried very hard to convince the group that I could very easily bust it down if we needed to go that way, however they all declined, thinking it would attrack too many creatures should any be within this tomb, which was wise, considering.
We went deeper within travelling in a southerly direction, finding an interesting notation on the walls starting that the (somthing or another, out of character I have no idea the name, but in character I would remember it) knights looted here. We became curious about them, as we had discovered through our companion’s knowledge of history that the knights had disappeared sometime after this place might have last been visted by them. Which of course made it likely they had perished here. We continued on, looking for loot and the map.

We came across a very strange room, with 14 small piles of melted iron. No bigger than say a large fist. We worked together in prying one of them off the floor, and found the remains of a scarab beneath them. We carefully replaced the iron back to the sam spot it had been lifted from the floor, and continued on, assuming the other 13 had the same within them. We passed into the next door, where we encountered our first enemy.
The enemy we came across was a giant centipede. I had never seen the like before, and had gotten some very good hits at the thing, but apparently I got way too close, and it nearly bit my head off if Katchini and Maya hadn’t pulled me down just in time, I would not be writing this journal now. Instead I took a pincer to the lungs, and was out cold for a good chunk of the fight, and very nearly dead anyways. Apparently Aegina had tried to heal me and failed, finding herself unconscious as well. It was a very bloody fight, and at the end of it, I had used 4 of my 6 health potions, just to make sure we all made it out alive!
After the battle, Maya convinced myself and Katchini to help her harvest some of the venom and glands from the centipede for selling later, so we assisted, and were able to harvest the glands and filled empty potion bottles with the venom.

The centipede was not the last, we encountered two more smaller ones within the depths of this tomb, as well as many traps, a door knob coated in contact poison, a trip wire that would have caused us to be shot through with arrows, and various others that maya very skillfully disabled. We found an altar to the God Gruumush, and destroyed the vile writings on the wall, while Maya searched a few other places. We found a lot of great items to sell and use in this place, which made us believe that the knights did not in fact survive the looting of this place, because there was far too much to be looted. Maya did lose our trust however. When Malias made it known he was trying to find a jeweled scarab, Maya finally offered it to him, after having hidden it on her person without letting us know it had been found. That is not the way a group of adventurers should be. We share the loot and the profits!

After we found the map, a scarab, and some demonic statuary, we decided to look back behind that portcullis. Finally agreeing if we could not open it, I could break it down. So we made it back that way without incident, and started trying to lift the portcullis, and apparently drew in a swarm of rats. We thought nothing of them, and simply continued trying to lift the portcullis. After a few moments, the swarm of rats started chittering in an ominous sort of chant and shot a magic missile at us! Magic rats?! We nearly just left them be, but figured the society would want to know about these rats, and perhaps obtain a sample. So we finally lifted the portcullis and with the help of Bana, Katchini’s panther, we managed to kill most of them, and obtain some samples to return with. After the damage we had taken, we decided it was best since we all had accomplished what we set out for…to continue to try and find loot may bring more disaster than we are equipped to handle. After all, we did not wish to have the same fate as the knights who had supposedly looted here.


Virajia's First Mission

My First Mission in the Pathfinder Society.
Greetings! I have found myself in the company of newly met women, and one of whom I have known for quite some time. It was very exciting to be assigned my first mission, I had been free-lancing for a while helping people and ridding the earth of the scum that are goblins…but it seemed so much bigger to be doing this sort of thing for a society as a whole instead of just for my own personal vendetta.

Katchini was the lead of this particular assignment, and I met up with a very interesting dwarven lady named Aimila, and a very dark humanoid named Alice (scandalously too dark to even be an exotic beauty to my people). Aimila was very congenial, and easy to get along with, I felt like we could be friends outside of this mission given time. Alice on the other hand, I was not sure how far I could trust her even to even be alone. She was definitely a strange one. We got to know eachother a bit as we travelled in a coach with Bana (Katchini’s albino panther). I offered to dye her panther’s fur some lovely camouflage colors so she could blend in a bit better for the terrain and the time of the year. I believe I convinced her of the benefits!

Our mission was to find the lizardmen who had kidnapped several of the fishing town’s women, and possibly recover a crown, (the second was per Aimila). We arrived and checked out the library, finding the tracks and the like to be a little off from lizardmen, and found that no one had actually seen the culprits who stole the women and a crown. I fear this was a case of prejudice due to the constant raids on them by the lizardmen, but they do not have a taste for human flesh whether to eat or otherwise. We requested to see where the tracks were left behind from when the incident occurred.

When we arrived we did not see or smell what would have been expected of the supposed quarry. Instead we found traces of blood, signs of struggle and the women possibly having been tied to a tree, and indication that we very well may be facing something far worse, considering what it seemed had happened to these women. Orcs perhaps. So I decided to use my tracking skills to follow the trail south, and then snuck up on two orcs who seemed to be standing guard duty, and looking completely bored doing so. I creeped back to my group, and we formed an ambush on the two, attacking with ranged weapons first, then melee if we didn’t take them out with the surprise attack. It was fantastic, Bana mauled one nearly to death, and we very easily finished him off, and the other died very quickly as well. They had no chance to sound the alarm or even defend themselves!

I snuck down the path further; leaving my compatriots to loot the bodies, to see what might be further ahead and came across a narrow path lined by the ocean, leading to a dark stairway. I went back to report, and we all went as a group to the same area, and checked for more orcs before I started my way to the stairs again, this time to delve a bit deeper. As I got closer, I heard commotion below, women screaming, and orcs sounding like they were climbing the stairs, at least 2, possibly 3. I ran back to where the others were hiding, and we watched the entrance, while we made a plan. Alice, weak though she was, volunteered to be the bait for the orcs, walking up to them, then screaming and running hoping they would give chase. They took the bait, and we ambushed them from the bushes off to the side of the path just before it narrowed.

This battle was a good bit more difficult. Four of the Orcs had come up for us to fight, and it took us a while to take them out. Bana helped considerably with one of them, and as team we took out the rest in very little time. We did take some serious injuries, in fact I had to use two of my potions to heal myself and my friend Katchini. But we took out the orcs, and found some more loot. After clearing them of valuables, we tossed the bodies in the water and then attempted to lure the rest out in the open. Aimila, knowing Orcish, called down to them something in that language, and they came running out, while Bana and I were positioned behind the stairway, ready to spring on the enemies. We did not succeed in surprising them, but Bana and I did get to surprise one of them at least! There was a big one though in this pair, and he was one tough bastard. Katchini went down fairly quickly in this fight, while trying to heal me, she took some heavy damage, and lost the spell. The big guy was simply too powerful for her to handle in her partly damaged state. Alice did manage to summon a monster to aid us, then I believe she ended up harming herself in the process of trying to splash the big one. It was not pretty. We succeeded though, Aimila gave the biggest chunk of damage to the big one, though after Bana and I finished off the smaller guy, we all managed to kill the big one, Alice having finished him off by stabbing him right between the eyes with her dagger. It was quite gruesome. No more than he deserved for what he did to those poor women though. I wish I could have caused them a longer lasting pain than the too quick deaths they received at our hands. It is for the better however.

We freed the women and found a box possibly containing the crown. Katchini was unconscious, and I felt a little out-numbered in wanting to return the chest to the village where the crown originally belonged, Aimila arguing we don’t even know for sure it is the crown. I went along because after all, the wealth in that village with so little protection was asking for trouble, and less treasure to attract enemies would mean a safer place for women and children to reside. In the end, though I did wish to return it to the rightful owners, I figured the society must have some very good reason for requiring the crown be brought here. If I am wrong in the reasoning, it doesn’t matter, I feel my conscious is clear, and I aid the society in the process.


Ogden's 3rd Mission
Journal Entry #3

For me third mission within the society I found meself being approached to lead an excursion into a cave, near the shoreline to retrieve a chest of some value to the society. I was told that I should bring my sister, and that I would be taking a new member on this mission to get her feet wet. I of course accepted, since me sister would be able to join me in this mission. So I approached the leaders of my action, informed them of my mission, and me sister and I checked for some additional work that we might be able to do to further the ends of the Sczarni. After we were given an additional mission, we were burst in on by a flaming lady! Literally…flaming! She demanded to go with us on our journey, and well, like I was going to say no to a burnin lady, and change getting me beard singed off for the effort. I of course told her she could join us in our mission, and told her where we were going and asked if she had anything she needed to take care of before hand, and she limped away. Odd lady, Aegina, she seemed just find when barging in on us, but as soon as she found us, suddenly she had a limp. Eh, what man, dwarf or elf could ever understand what goes on in the minds of the fairer sex?
We sought out the cat-folk lady, and got a good eye-full of her through those very tattered robes she wore, barely any covering at all! If I was one to care about it, I’d have said it was very indecent indeed. Vix seemed to be a Monk, and so it made me feel a little better about her joining us. I am not much good in a fight, though if brought to it, I could definitely swing a sword. Especially since me sister recently crafted me a very fine Masterwork long sword in case we should get in a pinch.
We made sure everyone had the necessary items to go delving into the depths of a cave, and then headed off. We stopped the night in a village after the first day’s travel by carriage. I must say, the accommodations were far more than merely satisfactory. Exceptional in fact by any standards. Granted me compatriots may not have agreed, but they didn’t have quite the same accommodations as I did. Not to worry, however, as any extra accommodations purchased, were purchased with me own coin, and well worth it to boot! Hadn’t slept so good in a very long time.
We finally arrived at our destination by noon, and send the cat-lady in to look things over, since she seemed o be pretty agile. She came back and said there were some webs, but it seemed clear, so we lit our torches and went into the very large cavern. There were spiderwebs everywhere, and we were best by four fairly large spiders. Makes me shudder just thinkin of the blasted things. We started fighting them, and me sister gave em all a good whack, killin all but one of em. I spent a good chunk of the fight singing a rousing song to bring courage to me comrades, and fighting in-between verses when able to get me sword at the bastards. Apparently by the end, me sister started losing some of her energy and strength, because of having been bitten by the spiders. I think for a while, I was even considerably stronger than her!
After we killed them, we proceeded to search the cave, and headed off directly towards the rear of the cave, and thought we heard some dwarves ahead. Unsure if they were friendly or otherwise, I decided to try sneaking ahead and maybe revealin meself to them before me party to catch their mood. Of course that was not to happen, I slipped on the slimy floor and landed on me back in a pile of bat shit. I let out a huge string of curses, leading the dwarves directly to me. They turned out to be hiding out from another village, having purchased a whore, who apparently did not wish to provide the services requested, and then made to perform them anyways. I didn’t care for that sort of thing, but it wasn’t me fight, and if they weren’t aggressive to me, I wasn’t going to be aggressive to them. Since the rest of the group seemed to be following my lead on that, we gained some info on them and found there was a giant spider further down the way, that might be the direction we were looking for.
Vix was again sent out to investigate, apparently she wasn’t as sneaky as she could be, because we suddenly heard sounds of battle coming form that direction, and started running to come to her aid, though by the time we got there, the battle was over, the spider dead, and the cute kitty was splattered with spider goo, and just pulled her fist from the bashed in head of the now dead spider. Definitely don’t want to be crossing her anytime soon!
We searched the area, and me sister found a spot to plant some ledgers she had been given, and we found a box that was charred, and well secured. I tried to pry it open, to no avail, me sister had a hammer but I figured, with me bein a mite stronger than her at this time, it might be best if I tried breakin it open. Oh the glare I got from her! The lass was infuriated that she was weaker than me. I bashed in the lid of the chest only to find there was metal underneath. So we carried it along, me sister helping me, since even stronger than her, I wasn’t that incredibly strong. We arrived into another room where we found an even larger spider waiting for us! We fought it as hard as we could, nearly losing out flaming oracle, thankfully I had me healing spell readied, and I cast it upon her, reachin for the nearest of part of her in reach, it really wasn’t intentional that I wound up grabbin her rear. It was all in the interest of healin her as soon as possible so she didn’t die! We killed the spider in short order, and searched the area some more, finding some ledgers and some more items of interest.
I took the ledgers fer me own purposes, after letting me party members see there was nothing much to them, just something I was needin, and then we headed back the other direction. We came back past the dwarves and checked another side of the main cavern, and found ourselves beset with 5 little spiders. Well, I say little as a relative term. Little compared to the monsters we had already faced, but still bigger than two of me fists together! Three of the bloody bastards landed on me, one on the flamin oracle, and one on me sister. I swear, I had never felt too much of a dread for the blighters until this particular journey, but the bloody bastards kept biting me, and one even managed to poison me so I was weaker than me sister!
Vix wound up squishing nearly all of the spiders, dealing me a good bit of damage in the process, but I was willin to take it to get the bastards off of me! I even wound up breakin me own nose flailing about trying to get them off of me. I was basically berserk by the time the fight was done, and I wasn’t stayin fer any more of it. We found the chest we needed, I fulfilled me duty to the Sczarni, and I wasn’t takin no more of them spiders, so we high-tailed it out of there with our loot, and returned to the city to sell and divide our findings, and receive our rewards for a job well done.

The Trials and Tribulation of Ogden One-Eye
How Ogden the Athiest began his journey to Ogden the Devout

The day was sweltering with heat throughout the city, as the sun looked down upon its inhabitants without mercy. Baking the rich and poor alike with its golden rays. Ogden had the window and the door propped open from the room he let with his sister. Thankfully there was a small breeze that would sweep by occasionally stirring the air in a grateful reprieve, even if it was for mere moments. Most days the heat was far more manageable, and he thought eagerly of nightfall and the coolness that was bound to ensue once the fires of the sun were hidden by the horizon, and the cool night air would bring blessed relief.

Grumbling to himself about the heat, he plucked a chord or two on his lute, trying again to concentrate enough on his song to make something at least marginally passable. He found nothing but failure and frustration. She was gone, and his good mood with her. ‘Damned woman, probably flat on her tits again wishing her brother were there to help ’er out.’ He thought darkly as his mood continued to sour. Waiting was never his forte. ‘Ah…serves me right I guess, havin left the gel behind fer me last mission. But ye’d think she’d have wanted to have me with her fer this one after seein what could happen when we were separated.’ Another thought that certainly did not improve his mood.

As dusk began to approach, and the air seemed to be cooling slightly, Ogden heard the approach of footsteps down the alley. Hearing people move about down this alleyway was certainly not unexpected at this hour, but the more important thing about these footsteps, was that they had the distinct stride of his sister Aimila. Sitting up a bit, he took more interest in his lute than he had previously, and tried his best to make it seem as though he was certainly not worried, nor did he even concern himself with his sister’s whereabouts. For all she would know, he never even knew she was gone!

Despite all his efforts, Ogden could not help but think how glad he was of his sister’s safe return. As he sat there plucking at his lute, he could tell his sister seemed to not even have been abashed at having left him behind. That helped to keep an indifferent look on his face. After sitting there for a while, studiously ignoring his sister, Ogden finally sat down his lute and looked his sister in the eye with his only remaining.

“So, ye went off on yer own and came back with yer skin in tact! Glad to see that. Thought fer sure ye’d be on a stretcher lookin for healin or somethin without me there to keep ye patched up.” He said gruffly.

“Well, we did cut things a little close there, but we did have someone there to heal, and besides; I never even took any damage worth sneezing about in the battles we got into. I was actually in an all women group, and we did fairly well, I thought! And we were VERY profitable, I might add. The Sczarni was quite happy that I was able to procure something they had requested of me.” She replied eagerly, and gave a full accounting of the mission she had gone on.

After she reached the conclusion, Ogden decided for sure, there was absolutely no way he was ever leaving her behind again and giving her the opportunity to find more profitable missions to get back at him with. At least she was sharing the coin with him! That would help put a balm on the wounds to his pride that he needed his sister far more than she needed him.

Putting aside his feeling about the situation in general, he finally remembered why he had been so anxious for his sister to return. Excitedly, he told his sister, “By th’ way, Aimi, I jest got th’ news! Yer lookin at an official field agent for the Pathfinder society right here! Whaddaya think o’ that?”

Showing just as much excitement and enthusiasm, his sister replied, “Oh wonderful! I am glad to hear that we have both made it as field agents! I was just told when I got back as well! What do you say we celebrate with some of my mead?”
Ogden was only miffed for a moment that his sister was the same rank as himself, but then he realized that meant they would have better chances of sticking together this way, and joined in her enthusiasm.

“Nay Aimila, though yer mead is certainly th’ best ter be had, lets go to the tavern, I have a hankering fer some gamblin tonight, cuz Ahm feelin lucky!”
Arm in arm, drinking from a jug of ale on their way, they made their way to the first tavern of the night. Ogden was definitely correct in saying that he had a streak of good luck. He joined a game of dice, using one of the gold coins he had brought with him. Thinking he would last maybe a couple of rounds before going broke, he was ready to mooch off his sister after his coin ran dry in the game. He definitely did not expect to have as good of luck as he did that night. Every two out of three tosses won him more gold, and he played at that first game until the players started eyeing him and the dice, and fingering daggers. He knew when it was time to beat a hasty retreat. He was sucked in though. He found another tavern and another game, and played there for a while, leaving before daggers could be reached for and people got too suspicious of his luck. Aimila kept buying rounds for people with his winnings to keep people happy, imbibing far more than Ogden did while he was concentrating on the games.

He continued on from tavern to tavern, game to game, until the wee hours of the morning. He vaguely remembered his sister trying to convince him to go home, finally leaving him behind to find a spot to pass out. Ogden continued on like a man possessed. He had accumulated quite a wealth of coins from all over the known world. He had so much he didn’t even concern himself with the value and weight of certain coins against the value and weight of others. He just kept at it until he was far too drunk to continue on.
Feeling the urge to find a safe place for his coin, he decided in a haze of booze that he must find his way home, and to his sister. He stumbled along, making his way in the direction he thought was the correct one. He never suspected or even considered the fact that some foot-pad may have already marked him for easy prey. Nor did he pay enough attention to hear those ominous footsteps tailing him. Tired, lost, and too drunk to even think about anything else, Ogden passed out in a narrow alleyway, out of view of the street, and hoping no one would find him until he was awake enough to get home.
Snoring fit to wake the dead, Ogden never even stirred when the foot-pad stripped him of his coin, his clothes, and his lute. He did stir a moment when he was lifted onto a cart, and received a lump on the head for the effort, however, and no further sounds or protests came from the unconscious dwarf.

Come morning he was being carted away from his home, and dumped outside the city, without ever having been seen or noticed by the drudges doing the work. Slowly, excruciatingly, Ogden felt the intrusion of sunlight upon his closed eye. Try though he might, he could not ignore the blinding light that shone down upon him, creating a pain like a thousand smithies pounding through his head. He was horribly confused, and in a great heap of pain. Looking for his clothing he finally recognized the fact that he wore not a stitch, and was laying in a pile of refuse outside of a city.

He lay there groaning partly from the headache, and partly from being ill from too much booze. He couldn’t remember anything. He didn’t try to remember anything. Thinking hurt far too much. Dehydrated, and beyond caring at this point, he dragged himself out of the refuse pile, and shuffled his way down the path looking and listening for sounds of water. Nothing looked familiar to him. He had no idea where he was, or what the name of this city was that he was outside of. He stopped trying to figure it out, and just kept shuffling along, naked and thirsty. After about an hour’s search, he finally found a nice clear stream, hidden in the woodlands outside the gates. It tasted sweet and refreshing, and restored a bit of his spirits. The trouble was…he had no idea who he was, where he came from, what he was, or really anything he should know at all.

Not knowing what to do, he sat by the stream, happy that the season was summer, and so wearing clothes was not necessarily the most comfortable thing anyways. While sitting there, he nodded off into a deep sleep. While asleep, he did not notice the sounds of footfalls approaching through the woods, even when a booted foot nudged him in the side.

  • * *

Rhys was travelling as her Goddess has compelled her. She never knew where Desna might draw her in her travels, and she had never imagined she would find herself in this area yet again. It had been a long time since she had been here. She saw the city in the distance, wondering how much it has changed since she was a young child. Pushing those thoughts away she continued on the road towards the city. She had just left an Inn, a way-house for followers of Desna for these parts less than a day gone, and was feeling uplifted still from the prayers and benedictions she had received by the priests of her Goddess.

As she traveled, she looked around her at her surroundings, marveling at how much had changed. As she continued on the road, she saw a small trailed leading off to the south, and felt compelled to explore it when she saw a swirl of butterflies head in that direction. As she turned off the path, she examined where she was stepping a bit closer and noticed a cart had been through there earlier in the day, but very little traffic seemed to head off in this direction. She continued on, and heard the faint sounds of flowing water, mixed with some other very harsh, very loud snoring.

More than a little curious, Rhys quietly made her way through the woods to the small stream off to the side of the trail, and saw a red haired dwarf laying in the grass and dirt beside the stream, naked as a new born babe. More than a little shocked and curious, she approached the sleeping creature, and nudged him slightly with a boot. He didn’t even flutter an eyelash, though she did see another lone butterfly alight from his nose after nudging him. She looked him over, wondering what his story was, and then noticed the goose egg on his head. Oh the poor thing! I can’t just leave him like this! She thought, trying to figure out what she could do for him, having no healing potions on her. She reached into her pack and found a blanket to cover the dwarf a bit more decently, and started setting up a camp around him, so he would have some shelter and some food when he finally began to rouse many hours later. Desna had lead her here, and she would not leave this dwarf to the elements with so clear a message from the Goddess.

“Oooooohhhh me head!” He moaned, clutching his temples, when he finally roused. His eye still closed, he didn’t seem to notice anything that was going on around him, let alone that a lovely elven ranger had joined him and set up a small camp. He would have to be willing enough to open his eye first. At this current point in time, he had no intentions of doing.

“Oh, you’re awake!” Rhys said softly, applying a cool damp rag to his head. “My name is Rhys, what brings you out here, and in such a state?” she asked, unable to hide the shock in her voice when mentioning the state he was in.

“What state? Eh? I don’t right know where I am t’ be honest, lady. And what state do ye mean?” he asked, obviously confused for a moment. “Oh, right, me clothes!” He shook his head, and wished he hadn’t as it made him fairly dizzy. “I honestly haven’t a clue where me clothes have gotten to, where I came from or even who in th’ bloody hell I am. Don’t that make a pretty story?” he said with a harrumph.

Finally opening his eye with a deep squint, he took in the view of the woman speaking with him, and the small camp that was set up around him. Definitely surprised, he couldn’t help but wonder why someone would go through the trouble for one such as himself. Was he handsome for a dwarf maybe? Perhaps that was the reason.

“What brings ye to this part yerself, lass? I don’t right know what I look like to one such as yerself, but either way, ye definitely didn’t have to put yerself out carin fer me.” He asked her, head tilted to the side.

“I believe my Goddess, Desna brought me to you. I think that you have been given luck and a second chance, sir Dwarf. I found you here, near dead, and have been tending to you ever since, afraid to move you, lest you perish. I feel it will be necessary to take you back a ways to the Inn I had just left. It is owned by priests of Desna, so they will be prepared for healing. But I will wait until you are able to travel. Thus the camp. I certainly couldn’t leave you out here to the animals in the wild.” She stated simply.

His head shot up at the word luck, it seemed to have meant something to him, but it disappeared again before he could think on it too far with another stab of pain from the goose egg on his head. He merely nodded, and accepted the food he was offered.
That night, he slept deeply yet again, this time with a little more rest, and some fantastic dreams. He couldn’t remember much of it, but he did know that in his dream, he had seen a beautiful elven maiden clothed in a flowing gown with butterfly wings and a massive amount of butterflies surrounding her. He had no idea what it meant, but he knew it was pleasant, and his sleep was very restful. The next time he woke, his headache was quite diminished, and he felt more refreshed.

Feeling better, he examined the blanket covering his nakedness, and then started unconsciously twisting and wrapping the blanket around him, turning it into a toga of sorts that he no longer had to clutch around himself, and made for easy movement. Hmph, wonder how I knew to do that…he wondered idly, then put the thought out of his mind, and set to assisting Rhys with breaking camp.

“So, lass, why should we turn back and go to this inn you spoke of? Instead of into th’ city? Doesn’t it make a bit of sense that healin could be found there as well as in this Inn ye spoke of?” he asked of her.

“Perhaps it makes more sense, but I doubt neither you or I have the coin necessary to heal you and restore your memory in the city. The Inn I spoke of is run and tended by followers of Desna,” she said reverently, “it is a place of rest for her followers, and I am sure one of her priests will heal you, especially after I speak with them on your behalf.”
“Well, lass, ye certainly seem t’ be goin out of yer way for curmudgeonly dwarf such as meself for some reason I cannot fathom. But I am grateful for it, and will follow where ye lead. I have no other place to go, and no earthly idea what I would do without ye at this point. Why would ye speak on me behalf? Have I done some service for ye?” he asked very serious indeed.

“No, I had never met you or seen you before yesterday. But I feel it was a sign by my goddess that lead me to you, and I would be failing my goddess not to tend to you, as seemed to be her will. You are a very lucky Dwarf. The path I found you off of was not often traveled, you might have been attacked by creatures in the night, had I not found you. I don’t say this to make you feel indebted to me, merely to show just how lucky you are. And my Goddess is a patron of good luck, and travel. I saw a sign from her that lead me to you, and I will not leave you until I have performed my duty.”

Slowly they traveled back to the Wayfarer’s Inn, with very little of note happening along the way. Ogden was still in pain from the lump on his head, and needed some support from the eleven woman, but they made their way slowly.

  • * *

As she woke from her stupor, Aimila realized that she was not in her home. She was in a narrow, unfamiliar bed, and her brother was nowhere to be seen. The way her head felt, she had been drinking hard and heavy, and she assumed her brother must have done the same. The night was a blur, with vague memories of her brother winning gold, flowing cups of mead, and the purchase of a room after her brother refused to hear sense and find shelter for the night. ‘Where did that blaggard end up anyways?’ She thought groggily. She pulled her armor back on, and the clothing her brother had made for her. Bleary-eyed, she made her way back to the room they had rented, and was a little surprised not to find her brother there.

A small nugget of concern entered her fogged mind, because alone even for a few minutes, her brother could find the worst trouble possible. But she figured he had found a tavern to sleep his drunkenness off in, and wound up laying in her bed to sleep off her own inebriation. It wasn’t until late that day when her brother never showed up that she really began to worry. She set out looking for him, asking fellow members of the society if they remembered her brother, or saw what happened to him. She heard many reports, most ending with the teller spitting at the end in disgust, about a dwarf who had taken all their gold, and then left for another tavern. No one seemed to be able to tell her where he had last been, and where he had ended up. Growing frantic, she asked assistance of the society in finding her brother, but having been drunk and carousing, they said give him a day to wander his way home, he would be fine. She knew he wasn’t. She didn’t know how she knew, but she always seemed to know when her brother was in trouble, and she felt he was in far worse trouble than he had ever been in thus far.

Unable to do much more, she continued asking around, and searching alleyways for her brother, hoping she didn’t find his corpse.

  • * *

They arrived at the Wayfarer’s Inn before nightfall, and were given rooms for the night. Ogden and Rhys were in the common room eating some dinner, and waiting for one of the priests to be available to assist. They watched the people inside the Inn, and ate their food in relative silence. A comfortable one, to be sure. Rhys seemed a quiet sort, and Ogden had no idea what sort he was so he figured silence would work best. After they had eaten and had their plates taken away, they were approached by a diminutive gnome woman, with her touched on both sides with silver, showing her age.

“So, this is the dwarf we have been expecting. Desna had revealed his arrival to me in my dreams last night. I am Fili, and priest of this Order. Come, I will offer you healing now.” The gnome gestured as she finished speaking, and lead the dwarf and elf out of the Inn to a clearing full of flowers and butterflies, the last vestiges of light fading, and the stars bright overhead.

“Divine healing works best under the stars placed by our Goddess Desna, should she will it, you will be healed all your wounds and your memory restored!” with that, she began praying to Desna, dancing through the meadow in the starlight, and singing of her devotion. It was a wild and mesmerizing display, beckoning Ogden to join in. He didn’t even think, he just started stamping a beat on the ground, and clapping time for the gnome, adding in harmony and counter-point to her song, as if he had been singing all his life. Not knowing what he was doing, Rhys stepped back and watched, not willing to interrupt the display, obviously encouraged by Desna, for the clearing fairly swirled with butterflies and moths, and she could feel the magic in the air.
Ogden broke out into a song of his own, his voice coarser, and less refined than the priest’s had been, but it seemed stronger, more sure than it had before, and carried a certain note of joy to it.

Feeling the pain in his head go away, the damn burst. He remembered who he was, what he was, and where he was from. He remembered he was a bard, and that was where his musical skills came from. He also realized the gnome he had been singing with, had ceased her praises. She watched him as his baritone faded away, a small smile on her lips.

“Young one, do you remember now who and what you are?” she asked finally, head tilted to the side.

“Ah Fili, thank ye. I do remember who I am, me name is Ogden, and I do thank ye, and yer Order for the healin I have received at yer hands. I dunno how te repay ye fer this service. All me coin was stolen, along with me clothing, and I have no clue where me sister is holed up right now. She is probably worried sick about me!”

“Do not fret Ogden, I cannot charge you for healing so obviously blessed by Desna. You certainly seem to have her favor…and the favor of a Goddess is certainly not something to squander. I hope you will consider this day, and may you find continued blessings of the Goddess through your travels.”

With that, Fili left them, and Ogden and Rhys spoke a while. Rhys spoke about her childhood in the nearby city, how she became a follower of Desna, and why she had returned at this time. It was all a very sobering night to Ogden. He had never been a godly sort, and he would need to think hard on what to do. He supposed if he were to follow any sort of God or Goddess, Desna was certainly closer to his sort than many others. That night, he dreamed of the Goddess again, and woke with a determination to delve deeper into this faith, and explore the foreign depths of piety.

In the morning, he parted ways with Rhys, who gave him a holy symbol of Desna as a parting gift. A symbol he would forever treasure. He made his way home in clothing provided to him by Fili, and a pack of food to eat along the way to the city. His thoughts went down many paths on that lone walk home. When he finally arrived at the city, it was near night fall, but he made it to the gates in time to be allowed entry. One of the guards seemed to recognize him and haled him over.

“Are you Ogden? Brother to Aimila?” he demanded.

“Aye, that I be, who does be askin?” he asked in return.

“Your sister has been bothering all of us to keep an eye out for a dwarf somewhat matching your description, were I you, I’d find my way to her before she gets murderous. She has been searching for two days now, and getting more and more agitated and worried by the minute. Move along now, we can’t be stopping up traffic yammering.”

Ogden hurried through the city to the tiny room he shared with his sister, and after a very exuberant greeting when he finally made it, he told his sister what had happened. They bother agreed, to be separated again for whatever reason, was asking for disaster. He mentioned Desna to his sister, but not the depths of what he was feeling regarding that certain elven deity. He sat pensively thinking the rest of the night, uncharacteristic for him, for sure. But Aimila was too busy being happy her brother was alive and in one piece to truly see what he was going through. They went to bed for the night, and come morning, Ogden had convinced his sister to travel with him back to that Wayfarer’s Inn. When they arrived, he gave a donation of 20 gold, and took Fili aside to ask her how he could become a cleric of Desna, and serve her better in the world.

Thus did Ogden the Atheist begin his journey towards becoming Ogden the Devout.

Ogden's 2nd Mission
Journal Entry #2

Mission #2
My sister, Aimila and I, have been a pair for so long, that is very rare to see one of us without the other. Well, I made the bloody mistake of going adventuring without her for a change. She was after all drunk and passed out, and completely unwilling to even try sobering up enough to join me in seeking a new assignment. So I left without her, figuring a sore head and empty pockets might help her realize the error of her drinkin ways. I will say this much…never again!

The goat was still laid up with his illness, but Maya and Alaka were both available, so I decided to accept the assignment that I found they as well had accepted. I was also joined with a human lass, named Valka, and a sylph named Malius. It wasn’t a bad group, to start, and we were to meet another upon arrival as well, some fellow dwarf named Droksar. We left as soon as we were well supplied and rode in the society coach to the small village we were assigned to. We were to figure out who was taking people off in the night, and stop it from happening further.

We went into the Inn and found the dwarven fellow. He wasn’t a bad guy I took a liking to him pretty quick. He seemed an interesting fellow. We got to talking, and then set out to examine the tracks, and the site. The trip over there was rather uneventful, and found very little of use to give us a clue as to what we might be facing. We heard a splash and some other sounds in the distance and followed the sounds. We found a very sinister looking set of stairs, as well as a damned disgusting pond. The fumes were very pungent. It looked as if things had come out of it, and we were watching it for signs of life. The tracks around the camp site definitely seemed of the undead sort, and no one likes to deal with those damn blighters.

I stayed on the outcrop over the pond, while Valka went to hide in the trees, Maya, Draksar, and Mal climbed down the outcrop in order to get closer to the pond in order to examine it, while Alaka and I very sensibly (so it seemed at the time) stayed at the top keeping a watch with our ranged weapons at the ready. Thus were we ambushed. Of course that would happen to the two weakest of the be damned lot of us. Ah where was my sweet sister when I needed her? Oh yes, konked out on her bed from too much mead. I definitely had something to say to her when I got home.

We fought the blighters, Mal, Valka, Maya and Droksar made their way around, Droksar first to draw them away from us, followed by Maya, Valka and Mal from the other side, I got a shot off with my crossbow, and Alaka did some damage as well. Three of us got bit by the damned things. We killed all three of them, but it was close. Mal got bit, and paralyzed just before passing out from his wounds. But we did only have the one true casualty, and I managed to pour a healing potion down his throat in order to save him. One hit, and that was all it took!! Some people do not need to be in the thick of things. Why do you think I stayed back when we thought they would come from below? I know better than to stick me nose into that kind of thing from too close.

We tended our wounds, and debated on what to do about those who were bitten. Someone started yammering about how the onset of the disease brought on by one of the nasty things would be within a days time. So of course the less so bright ones start talking about killing those bitten before they turn. Or chaining us up of all things! I wasn;t going to stand for any of that nonsense. My sister was back in the city, and I wasn’t going to put up with some big mouthed lady “dealing” with me as if I were already a monster! So I told the others I was going to the Inn, like it or not, and then back to town to be cured. I also figured my sister would be awake by then, and I would have someone a little stronger who I knew 100% for sure had me back! I got into the city, discovered it would have taken at least a week for the full onset of this disease, grabbed my head-sore sister, and returned to the village, only to find everything was already resolved and I missed a damned good fight in the mean time! I did compose a song about my companions I had plans on singing while we finished up the blighters, but apparently they felt compelled to carry on without me and finished the whole damned thing.

Ah well, there is always the next time! I have attached my song, perhaps you would like for me to sing of the battle we fought in the mess hall?

Valka, such a lovely lass,
With broad hips,
And the voice of a braying ass!
Droksar, me bretheren,
Ye seem a decent fellow,
We must have a drink sometime again!
Alaka, another lovely lass,
With feminine grace
And a fine supple as…Tail!
Maya, you sneaky lady,
Ye seem just fine,
Just don’t come running with enemies at yer behind!
Mal, ye seem an alright guy,
But have only 2 spells,
So try not to die?

Bard Adventurer

Ogden's First Mission
Journal Entry #1

Aimila and I were talking and joking around in the mess hall when we finally got our first mission within the faction.  It was definitely interesting as we made “friends” of a sort with a goat named Auslander (okay so I knew he was a tiefling, but he insulted my sister, so he is now just the goat to me).  He actually asked whether my sister was a woman due to her wonderfully deep voice!  Was there ever a question to my sister’s gender?  I think not!  She’s a highly feminine dwarven lady, and pity the fool who thinks otherwise!  I digress.  We wound up joining up with the Goat, Maya (not sure what she was), and a wizard by the name of Alaka.  Since we all had an affinity for the night, and were not looking to die on our first mission, we planned a night attack, talked some more over some of my sister’s fine ale, and got ready for the mission.

When it was time to set out, we had no troubles finding the goblins and their goblin dogs, and we sent Maya in to scout.  She disappeared almost immediately, and we sat waiting for her return when we hear a commotion, and of course, trust a sneaky lady too far and she’ll get you killed!  She was running like a bat out of hell with the whole bloody camp at her heels!  What a mess!  So we wade in to the fight, starting with those thrice be damned goblin dogs.  I shot one with my crossbow, and then since everyone seemed to be trying to die, and I was certainly not going to stand for that, so I started composing a song to bolster everyone’s courage.  I believe it worked, because the dogs were killed in no time!

Alaka tried to throw a dagger at one of those dogs, and got her foot instead, so I wound up having to unpin her in order to get her back in the fight. After killing the dogs, the cowardly goblins ran for cover in the thicket, and my lovely, fluff for brains sister, decides to charge the bastards, trips, falls flat on her tits, and loses her great axe.  Then the goat does the SAME thing, only ending up with a dratted spike in his shoulder!  I had to use a cure light wounds spell twice that day just to keep my group alive, and I tell you what, that second time wasn’t easy!  I had to search myself deep for the ability to heal that fool goat so he didn’t lie there bleeding on the ground.

We did finally kill all the goblins, after setting off every single trap, but we found the dratted scepter we were looking for and a small bit of loot, and limped our way back to town, of course well after the other group had already arrived. But hey, we got some gold, and some valuable experience in the field. Of course when we got back that fool goat wound up taking ill from that spike, and refused to go into dept to be healed! Can you believe it? The fool should take over 3 weeks to heal up altogether. I damn near drew the others of our initial group in to heal him and make him our servant until he pays us back, because we weren’t going to see him die, but then miraculously he recovered on his own, so we left him to heal up. Damn goats. That’s the long and the short of it!

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